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Management Resource Centre

Consulting - Training - Coaching

Headquarters in Vienna - Austria


Creating Your Future Today

Supporting Executives to Create Responsive and Creative Organisations


Growth Leads to Complexity

We Support You in Reducing Complexity and Improving Efficiencies


Removing Silos

Developing Cooperative and Supportive Relationships Throughout the Organisation

Developing People

Team and Individuals

Ranging from Executive Coaching through to Group and Team Development

Individuals and Teams

We provide individually tailored development programmes for individuals, groups and teams

Executive Coaching

We provide Individual and Board Coaching across all forms of business

Organisational Design and Change

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A Different Approach to Constant Change

Change as a Business Model

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Technology Is Changing the Face of Business and the Workplace

Creating Opportunities for Everybody

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Collaborative Network of Teams

Full Organisational Alignment

Our Organisation

Consulting - Training - Coaching

The MRC is an international organisation with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. We have a wide range of internationally experienced consultants and trainers available to support you. Our services include individual and team coaching, consulting, digital and forensic finance, harnessing technology, organisational development, and training.

We will be pleased to arrange a free initial consultation


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